Although now we can only think of filling the closet with autumn garments, fashion weeks around the world have already told us what the next season will take. As much as we allow ourselves to be influenced by the micro-trends that emerge every month, the Fashion Week shows continue to be that essential guide to lay the foundations of which styles, which garments, and which colors are going to wear every season. Today we want to tell you the proposals of the western firms for upcoming fashion trend for spring/ summer 2022.

Spring/ Summer Fashion Trend for Women 2022

According to the Fashion Week shows, the next season is full of color. Designers confirm that sequins and metallic will be present, whether in the form of dresses, tailored suits, western-style looks or sporty aesthetics. We are in the middle of a wardrobe change, taking out our favorite sweaters and coats and expanding the collection with a new season whim. 

However, fashion is always 6 months ahead and it is time to put on the table the trends that will be in fashion when the temperatures rise again. As for the colors, pink, white, and pastel tones have starred in the best looks of the catwalks for this summer 2022, both combined with each other and in a total look format. The print with marine motifs, feathers and checkerboard squares have had a presence in the collections.

Summer Trends for Women 2022: Metallic

Most fashion shows have included metallic fabric garments in their collections. From jacket suits to dresses, pants, and tops – the novelty of the season is that they are worn as part of daily looks (and not just for festive outfits). Experts propose combining metallic silver trousers with a sweatshirt and jacket, and we love the result.

Summer 2022 Trends: Sequins

Sequins have been another of the keys to Fashion trend for women 2022. This summer we are going to shine more than ever and we encourage you to wear sequin garments for your most special events, but also for day-to-day life. 

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Summer Fashion Trend for Women 2022: Pastel Tones

According to the proposals of several western fashion firms, pastel tones will continue to be in fashion for one more season. This winter, lilac (Lilac is a color that is a pale violet tone) is among the trends that everyone is talking about. Dual fade pastel tone will similarly be eye-catching.

Summer Trends for Women 2022: Pink

However, the color that stands out the most from the rest is pink. We have seen it in all kinds of garments, but we stayed with The Extreme Collection’s proposal to combine a pink blazer with a black evening dress. Without a doubt, it will be a winning combo and suitable for any occasion. 

Summer Trends for Women 2022: Marine Motifs

Some designers propose to wear the print with marine motifs in a maxi key, with color and sequins. Garments that will go noticed with starfish, satin fabric, and shoulder pads – one of the patterns that make us dream of summer. 

Summer Trends for Women 2022: Tailoring

Tailoring is one of the trends of the moment and has been present in most fashion shows. From the blazers of The Extreme Collection to the white suit by Duarte and the two-piece cropped blazer and skirt. We love the trend that is becoming an essential wardrobe staple.

Summer Fashion Trend for Women 2022: Two Pieces

This set of cropped blazers and skirts has stolen our hearts. It is an evolution of the previous trend. It is now a version of the suit that shortens the blazer and turns the trousers into a high-waist skirt with slits. If you want to go to the last, book this Fashion trend 2022 style.