Confused about whether to go with the Flutter framework or not for your next mobile app? Don’t be!

Firstly, you have chosen the best framework as it is backed by Google and used by some giant apps across the world. So today, we will discuss the cross-platform framework- Flutter and why you must choose it for your upcoming development project.

Let us first highlight the cross-platform app development frameworks that are being used widely. The reason behind it is the code usability on multiple platforms, reactive performances, and the list is never-ending.

So among all, we have picked Flutter and the popular apps that are built with this phenomenal framework. 

What is Flutter?

Firstly, Flutter was released in 2018 by Google, and it is a cross-platform mobile app development framework. It has quickly gained popularity as it includes various tools that help developers develop high-quality apps for Android and iOS.

It is a favorite among developers because of its speed, flexibility, and simplicity of use. People choose the Flutter framework for their mobile app development because various features keep releasing to enhance and streamline the mobile app development process.

Amazing 5 Apps Built Using Flutter Framework

Hundreds of thousands of apps use Flutter, and do you all know the top apps that use Flutter for their business? If not, then let us find out!

1. eBay Motors

eBay understood that a website is not enough to grab users’ attention, especially when the number of mobile users is increasing. So, to provide the best shopping experience to the users, eBay chose to go with Flutter Framework. It allowed eBay motors to give a seamless online vehicle shopping experience. 

2. Hamilton

Hamilton merged theatre and evolving technology in a better way. With the help of the Hamilton app, theater lovers can enjoy exclusive content, and if you want to know, the best the app provides is to download it. The Digital Design partner of Hamilton said that what Flutter has done would never be done by native apps. Flutter helped them provide the best quality to the users.

3. MGM Resorts

MGM is among the biggest names in US hospitality, and when there is speed and seamless, that, of course, requires the best app. To stand out from the competition, MGM considered Flutter over other mobile app development frameworks. Due to this framework, the app supports digital room access, real-time dinner reservations, and personalized entertainment recommendations.

4. BMW App

BMW is a very renowned name, and it doesn’t need any introduction. Along with technology, even BMW is evolving, and the best example is the BMW app built using the Flutter framework. It is interesting to note that the Flutter/ Dart development group of BMW Group is among the world’s biggest after Google’s Group. 

5. Google Ads

Google Ads is a popular internet promoting platform, and the GoogleAds application is developed with Flutter Framework. This app helps customers to showcase their products, services through ads that reach targeted audiences. With the help of this app, big companies are leveraging increased ROI and growth in their company.

Bottom Line

These are just five that have been listed here. Apart from these, numerous apps are made using Flutter Framework and are a big name now. Flutter can create top-notch apps that are compatible with different platforms. If you have any app in your mind created using Flutter, do mention below and put your thoughts regarding the same.