Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to Content Hangover and today we will read how to make money online by writing!!

Writing is an art and everyone can write!!

Some write a diary, some of them write for fun, a few of them write as writing is their passion, and others write as their content writing job profile.

Who so ever you are which I have mentioned above, you can write and earn. Also, make a strong portfolio for future reference.

Let us start and know how to make money!!

Interested in Writing?

Before going further, think about whether you are interested in writing or not!! 

If you are interested then you can write, explore yourself by writing in different categories and earn.

And if you are not interested but want to earn money online, then this platform will help you in doing so.

Writing is not difficult.

Just choose the topic that you are interested in and let the audience know your knowledge about the topic. You can research and take references but create unique content.

So make up your mind and get started today!!

Top 5 Websites That Will Help You in Making Money Online By Writing

Below I have mentioned the best 5 websites that will help you earn money online by writing.

1. Wow Women on Writing: $50-100

Wow! Women on Writing gives a loud shoutout to all the women out there. This platform is for Women Writers. Wow Women gives an opportunity to all the women to work as a freelancer and earn. 

The main motive of Wow Women is to help the women writers to improve their writing skills and showcase their work. You are interested in writing then you can learn a lot from here and try your hands at freelancing. This platform is counted among the favorite writing platform for professionals and budding writers.

You can earn from the platform between $50 to $100 and Wow Women follows a motto “Women are not a minority, they are the majority”!!

How to Start with Wow Women?

Before starting a new thing it is very important to do R&D (Research and Development). Same way, go through Wow Women articles and understand their needs. Follow the given below steps to know how to start with this platform.

Step 1: The first and foremost thing is to see that the content is not plagiarised i.e. it must be 100% unique.

Step 2: This platform will pay you $150 for unique 3,000-word articles.

Step 3: Before writing, ask yourself why you are writing this article and how will it benefit the audiences.

Step 4: Follow each and every step and create a unique article and start earning.

2. Strong Whispers: $50 – $150

Strong Whispers is the platform that encourages and inspires people across the world to pen down their thoughts. Such thoughts can change the future of the world for the better. This platform gives you the opportunity to express your opinions without any worry and contribute yourself to making the world a better place to live.

Strong Whispers publishes content that highlights the situation and invites the visitors to give their opinion about it. There is no restriction about anything but whatever you write try to bring it into the real world.  

Strong Whispers thinks that “nothing is more powerful than a united people with imagination.” So put down your thoughts and earn between $50 to $150.

How to Start with Strong Whispers?

Strong Whispers allow you to earn through articles and the price is negotiable. The platform pays around $50 to $150 per published article. If the article is attractive and grabs audiences then Strong Whispers is ready to pay more.

Step 1: To check your writing skills, the platform asks for an article. So, write the best article and send them along with your expectations. They might also ask for the URL of your work to understand your writing style.

Step 2: After going through your work, they will inform you whether your writing meets their criteria or not.  Later, whatever content you will want to publish will be checked and will provide you guidelines.

Step 3: The article will be reviewed and they will send you an email that will specify whether your content is:

  1. Rejected- Poor Quality
  2. Requires changes
  3. Approved.

Step 4: If the content is approved then it will be published at that time or at the date they want to publish. After that, you will be paid through PayPal.

3. Link-Able: $100 – $750

The first and foremost thing to know is that Link-Able only accepts Native English Authors and that too those whose track-record is good for providing high-quality work in English.

Link-Able is the best platform for high-quality authors as they can earn online money by providing their best piece of writing to businesses or clients. The platform is very easy to use as once you are approved as an author, you can browse and find the best suitable job for you by applying there.

Link-Able offers good rates but it totally depends on which site you are working on and the niche. This platform provides high-quality backlinks for website owners and better revenue for authors.

How to Start with Link-Able?

Step 1: Apply for an author account and choose your niche.

Step 2: After the approval browser for the niche you are interested in writing for.

Step 3: Apply for the job after going through the job specification.

Step 4: If you get approved then provide the best article and get paid. 

4. Cracked.com: $100 – $200

If you are a humorous person the cracked.com is for you. This platform is all about humor and if you are funny, smart, or creative then showcase it here. With your great sense of humor, you can earn money online.

Don’t have experience? No worries!!

With your great sense of humor and good writing style, you can win this race. This is the best way to use your humor as there are only a few platforms that help you showcase your humor talent. 

You can talk directly to the editors. There are many contents of the editors which include: infographics, photoshops, articles, and many more things. You have all the rights to pick the best for you.

How to Start with Cracked?

Step 1: Register and click on writer’s workshop.

Step 2: You will get into the message board. Here you can pitch for your articles.

Step 3: Here you will pitch the article idea and along with that you will add five subtopics. Add a few more information about your article which will attract the editors.

Step 4: Payment will be done accordingly such as:

  1. Per article, you will be paid $100 while writing.
  2. After five published articles, you will start getting $200 per article.
  3. If you get listed in the top 10 articles of the month as per website traffic, you will get $100 as a bonus.

5. Watch Culture: $25 – $500

Watch Culture is a popular online magazine in the UK. It is because it offers a wide range of categories from news, games, fashions, to many more. Weekly dozens of writers are earning online money by publishing articles on Watch Culture.