The year 2021 has been good for the Indian space program, but next year India is going to carry out many such space missions. The missions will not only increase India’s power in the world of space, but the whole world will bow down to the Indian Space Agency. The Indian space industry is also eagerly waiting for the year 2022 and is hoping that, compared to 2021, the year 2022 will write a new history for the Indian space industry.

Gaganyaan Mission– a billion’s dream

India’s long-awaited Gaganyaan mission is likely to be sent to space by 2022 or early 2023. Union Minister Jitendra Singh gave this information. Indian Space Research Organization scheduled the dispatch of Gaganyaan by the end of 2022, however, delayed to the corona virus pandemic. Its goal is to send a manned mission to low Earth orbit. Apart from Gaganyaan, India soon will place the stone in 2022 for her next projects, such as solar probe mission, venues explore mission, Samudrayan mission, Chandrayan 3, and a space station.

A little more about Gaganyaan Mission

Under the mission Gaganyaan, the four astronauts will orbit the Earth for seven days by boarding the spacecraft. Then they will return to earth. During this, information related to space will be acquired at an altitude of 400 km, so that other vehicles can be prepared for future missions. The World Space Program and ISRO along with other space agencies of the world have determined new policies for expansion in the space sector and on the lines of America.

Cost of this big dream

The cost of ISRO Gaganyaan mission is going to be 13000 corers plus. ISRO Gaganyaan mission has strategic importance for the country apart from being a scientific achievement mission. The last achievement by ISRO was launching 100+ satellites in space. Nevertheless, no vehicle has ever gone into space with humans. If everything goes according to plan, then Gaganyaan will be launched next year i.e. in 2022. If Gaganyaan is a success, India will be the fourth member in the elite space club, after America, Russia, and China.

A prestigious achievement

Gaganyaan means that dream of India, as soon as it is fulfilled, India will join the elite club of the world. At present, there are only three countries in this club – America, Russia and China. Only these countries have sent humans on their vehicles in space. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also mentioned this in the budget. While presenting the budget in Parliament, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made it clear that the unmanned trial of India’s ambitious Gaganyaan mission will be done in December this year. A total of INR 13,949 corers have been allocated to the Department of Space for the financial year 2021-22.

The first unmanned test of the mission was to be done in the year 2020, but due to the Corona epidemic, we were slightly behind the schedule. Four astronauts were selected in 2020 for this first man mission of India in space. At present ISRO is making good progress on this. The four astronauts are being trained in Russia. It is worth noting that finally three of these astronauts will get a chance to go to space under the proposed ‘Mission Gaganyaan’ for the year 2022.

A hard challenge to be achieved- Gaganyaan Mission

How difficult it is to send a man to space, it can be gauged from the fact that the last time China sent a manned spacecraft was in 2003. Since then, no other country has been able to fly manned spaceflight. It is a very challenging and difficult task to send astronauts to space and bring them back to earth safely. Obviously, if ISRO is successful in this mission, then it can convince the whole world of its indigenous technical power at the international level.