We really didn’t expect to see him again anytime soon. However, this fashion piece associated with our grandfathers becomes a real object of desire on the Dior or Isabel Marant fashion shows. Since fashion is full of surprises, we explain how to wear sleeveless sweater and be chic and elegant with an ultra-trendy sleeveless sweater this Fall-Winter 2020-2021 season.

The sleeveless sweater is the fashionable piece of the moment, becoming an essential piece of fashion trends for this winter 2020. After the corset, culottes, and rain boots, it’s the vintage preppy chic knit that is cracking the whole fashion world. On the designer side and big names, sleeveless knitwear comes in all shapes and sizes: V-neck, turtleneck, XXL, or pastel color. Find the mustard color, sea green at Mango or patterned.

As you wonder how to wear sleeveless sweater, you should know that a flagship piece from the 70s and 80s, the sleeveless sweater of our grandfathers, is getting a makeover. It is cataloged as the bourgeois and Anglo-Saxon uniform for cricketers, tennis, and golf. Fashion appropriates it and makes it more attractive. Even the stars are already falling for this piece once called Tank Top. The proof, Clara Luciani integrates it not without style in its authentic collaboration with Sandro.

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The Return Of A Good Old Classic

The cardigan cousin has perfectly found its place in a context where brands, consumers, and platforms favor second-hand fashion and mixed wardrobe like the jeans giant Levi’s. It is the star piece of catwalks and social networks. The influencers decline the look ideas with pastel-colored pieces, with fine knits, in jacquard prints and large enough to make a dress. They combine it with leather stockings, loose blouses, and biker boots. Bold associations that we can draw inspiration from!

If it is so trendy at the moment, the American series “High Fidelity” undoubtedly has something to do with it! Released in February 2020, the actress and daughter of the famous singer Zoë Kravitz already wore it in style, in a khaki version, and over a white t-shirt. But that’s without counting the imagination of the creators of the Dior, Prada, Tom Ford, or Lacoste houses who have integrated it into their Fall-Winter 2020-2021 collections. As you wonder how to wear sleeveless sweater, you need to have a look at the designs offered.

How To Make The Sleeveless Sweater Stylish?

At first, we choose it with a large twisted mesh and wide enough to be able to slip a shirt underneath. For fans of vintage, the hound’s tooth and Jacquard print will add chic to your outfits. Like the American heroine of the Emily in Paris series, the trend goes perfectly with patterned berets and bobs.

So how to wear sleeveless sweater in a trendy style? To wear this quilted piece in the men’s wardrobe, don’t hesitate to mix shapes. Opt for an oversized Noisy May shirt dress for € 43.99. On top, slip your loose sleeveless sweater in beige, pastel green by Mango at € 39.99 or mustard yellow by Zara at € 29.95. Finally, sign this trendy look with a pair of over-the-knee boots, a loose, modern coat of the season, and a gypsy felt hat.

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For A Clean, Minimalist, And Chic Look

Fall for a short sleeveless sweater in wool at the leading online brands to slip on a short blouse or a white t-shirt. Pair this trendy top with the pants that everyone is snapping up at the moment: the flare. Finish then this outfit inspired by the ’70s, with a pair of heels and square-toed boots.

For more comfort, a pair of minimalist moccasins, derbies, or sneakers will go together. The Dior model in wool and cashmere, inspired by American universities, can be combined with a short skirt in a retro spirit, as during the haute-couture fashion show.