Yes, the statement is perfectly right– Depression causes death.

Depression has become the most common thing in this generation and the reasons are countless. If proper consultation is not given, then it might become severe and the person can even suicide.

It is a fact that people don’t understand what depression is. It used to happen earlier but never came out. Even Deepika Padukone suffered this, but she fought and came as a warrior.  

While in depression, you will always feel loneliness in spite of people gathering you. You will always have negative thoughts and this increases unknowingly. Depression is a slow poison that kills people slowly from inside.

If you think you are in depression and it is killing you from inside, then you need to wake up and start your new journey either by consulting a psychologist or by giving yourself confidence and positivity. 

If you think going to Psychologists may give people a hint about your mental illness then you just have to think about yourself and visit. Nothing is more important than yourself. You have to live for yourself, the society will not come and help you.

People will never stop judging, so you have to stop caring about them. Keep yourself positive and enjoy your life. If you wish to share any secret or anything that is killing you from inside then drop a mail to: 

Take care, stay positive and safe!