This is a very big issue! People for many years have been criticized according to their religion, caste, and gender. There is no sign of love and peace. People prefer everything to be according to their society and don’t think that their mentality is harming the younger and upcoming generation. Before starting an open discussion, read on to know my point of view.

Even today, people are judged as per their appearance, caste, or religion, which in my point of view is wrong. Everyone has the same red blood and when in need we the people never consider such things. In hospitals, you never know who is serving you, giving you blood, taking care of you, treating you, and many more similar things. 

And when we talk about the outside scenario, so-called high-class people don’t prefer to touch lower-class people. Even when they visit their house asking for anything, they give them as if they are not humans. Why such discrimination?

When we order food from any restaurant, do you go there and check who is cooking and what color, caste, religion, or gender they belong to? No, so why do we do such things when people are present in front of us.

We all know that love doesn’t happen considering all these things. It just happens. And due to these things we are carrying on for years and years doesn’t allow us to take any further steps. Why do I have to fall in love with a person who is not from my religion or caste? I have the right to love anyone and it cannot be bound. 

But due to this so-called society, our own parents become our enemy. What will people think? And yes, people always think of others, not themselves. This is where these things come out. In simple words, because of you all, today’s generation is facing heartbreaks that lead to depression

Wake up and start thinking of yourself instead of society. You are earning for yourself and your family, not society. Let me know your point of view regarding this never-ending conversation. Start an open discussion by commenting down below. Also, if you have anything to share, please drop an email at: