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Know Why Content Hangover is the Best Platform To Earn Online Through Writing and Create Your Own Portfolio!!


Content Hangover is the platform through which you can earn online through writing. We help you create your profile where your content will be added. 

You can start your writing career here from Content Hangover and explore yourself in which niche you are strong enough.

Not only this, but we give you an opportunity to create your profile where your content will be added category-wise. This will become your portfolio which you can show to anyone.


Idea Behind Content Hangover

Pooja Choudhary- Owner of Content Hangover is the one who came up with this idea to help professional writers and the budding writers. This platform gives equal opportunity to every member from fresher to experienced to earn online through writing.

Pooja Choudhary being the writer herself wanted to earn online and searched for the websites from where she can do so. She found it difficult to find content writing websites and when she found it, she was not able to understand the concept. 

So, this idea emerged in her mind where she provides the writers with a platform to pen down their thoughts regarding the categories mentioned on the website. This will not only help them in earning online but will also create their portfolio.


Concept Behind the Name: Content Hangover

It is obvious that writers are passionate enough and for them writing is everything. So it is not wrong to say that writing has become the hangover in their life. And also this website is all about content, so, this made the owner name this website Content Hangover.


How Content Hangover is Beneficial to Writer and Companies?

Content Hangover is beneficial to both writers as well as companies. Let’s find out how:


1. Writer

The writer can create their profile and write on whatever category they want to and ask the admin to post the unique content. This will help them furnish their writing skills and can also earn online through writing. The most beneficial thing is that their portfolio will be created which they can show to their clients or the companies they want to join.


2. Companies

Content Hangover helps the companies to create their company profile and share the content, They can add links in the content that redirects to their website. In simple words, the content hangover will help them create backlinks by article submission or blog submission. Apart from this, companies can also earn through views, shares, and comments on their writing.

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