Back in 2020, when we were evaluating trends for 2021, it was impossible to imagine that the world would undergo such a drastic transformation. The years were quite turbulent. In the final stretch of 2021, things are calming down, and 2022 promises to come back with everything. It is why you need to be aware of what will be the Top Dining Trends in 2022. 

One of the leading influencers was consumer behavior, which changed in 2021. It is reflected in the Top Dining Trends we have brought to you in this article.

Healthy eating is the primary trend. 

In the year when we talk most about health, it is natural that we can see some concern in our food choices. The food demands and requirements of consumers are changing rapidly, which has led the industries in the sector to invest in new products. 

It is possible to identify an increase in the search for functional foods and beverages that nourish the body, help improve the immune system and digestive system and bring benefits for mental health. 

Many things in our routine changed in 2021, but the search for convenience and practicality is not among them. With transparency comes trust. Three out of five global consumers say they are interested in knowing where their food comes from and how it is made. 

Plant-based milk from grains 

Oat milk has already passed its competitors — such as almonds and other walnuts — since its flavor and sustainability make the product a favorite of a large part of the public. 

Therefore, it is possible to explore and expand to other types of grains, barley. Popular Food 2022 will indeed enlist plant-based products in its checklist. One reason is that social media is influencing our choices the most.

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Seed-based products for better health

Would you like to eat something made with sunflower seeds? This market is expected to register an increase of 4.4% during the forecast period (2021-2026). Seed-based products will explode this next year. Something we can mention is sunflower seed butter, vegan, gluten-free, and certified.

Protein snacks and more nutrients 

Protein-rich, plant-based snacks are in high demand as one of the trends for Popular Food 2022. The highest growth rate was for cereals, meat alternatives, and French fries. Consumers are switching from high-sodium and high-fat snacks to healthier choices. After all, this type of healthy eating habit is essential.

Home cooking is another fact

During the global pandemic, most of us grew a few good habits, for example, living life on limited resources, spending quality time with loved ones, exploring daily and nearby atmosphere, learning something new, etc. 

Home cooking was one of those healthy habits. According to a survey, more than 80% will likely continue healthy home cooking. We know we can stay healthy while eating healthy foods.  

Immunity-boosting ingredients 

Functional ingredients can be one of the Popular Food 2022 trends. The reason is simple – the coronavirus pandemic has made consumers more interested in healthy foods that boost the immune system. 

Furthermore, 75% of consumers intend to eat healthier because of the pandemic. Remember, not all products that promise to have immunity-boosting ingredients are vegan. 

Zero waste is another food and dining trend. Consumers acquired the will to carry out a more sustainable consumption. 

In the end

The end of the year is coming. We will reach another year amid the fireworks, sympathies, good food, and the eternal discussion of rice with raisins or without raisins. In the professional world, people want to catch up on trends in their respective work areas. It is why we created and shared with you a list to learn more about the Top Dining Trends.