In the COVID-19 crisis, many brands have questioned which messages are most effective and could do more harm than good. Most of them are how brands can remain original and stick where everyone is trying to remain relevant?

But the factor you have to look into is to balance your message in such a way that does not look like taking advantage during COVID-19.

It is imperative to understand all the aspects and react to this crisis and confront the new reality. There can be an infinite number of critical lessons or tips, but we embrace a few of them that could help you develop your strategies and adapt the reality. Let us find out the Top Advertising Tips for Brands during this crisis.

Top Advertising Tips for Brands During COVID-19

According to a survey of 5,531 participants between April 9 to April 13, 2020, get answers to important and timely questions. Acceptable advertising during COVID-19 asked respondents what ads they would be happy to see at that time and other relevant questions; the conclusions are pretty convincing. 

Let’s find out what’s in stock for advertisers:

  • 31% have lost their jobs or are receiving lower wages
  • 84% are worried about finances and are cutting back
  • 84% find it acceptable to see ads in the product range
  • 58% want discounts for online purchases
  • Most don’t mind seeing TV commercials followed by radio and digital ads
  • 60% are open to video content presented in the form of storytelling
  • Free shipping and standard discounts could convince most users to buy online
  • 79% are happy to give feedback if they have time
  • Products they would like to use immediately include cleaning, organizing, crafting, relaxation, and beauty products.
  • 97% accept deliveries conveniently

These responses help us conclude that spending may be at an all-time low, but consumers are open to brands and buying products to help them overcome the crisis. They are also more susceptible to advertising on the platforms on which they spend their free time, especially when free deliveries and discounts are offered.

1. Give your Audience an Incentive

Advertisements that offer incentives are more preferable to consumers, like free delivery, with 49% saying they find these ads more tempting than the unappealing ones. The UK, Spain, and Australia find this message more potent than most respondents; 59%, 57%, and 54% find this message more appealing than not.

From buyouts to restaurants to pharmacies and liquor stores, all agree with this strategy, as it would help them reach as many people as possible and keep their business stable. Other brands and services, such as sports centers or educational institutions, have also provided free resources, such as classes and training, which are also available online.

Regardless of the offer, providing incentives to your consumers can help brand use when personal finances are a constant concern.

2. Innovate while staying true to your values

In an updated search to find your brand’s voice during COVID-19, it is essential to maintain brands value and standards, especially during this crisis. So when you innovate to reach customers and influence them in an unfamiliar environment, be genuine and transparent, which is why loyal customers will be made and will stay with you.

3. Let Customers Know your Value

As the pandemic deepens, consumer spending behavior has changed, and brands that deliver messages that seem insignificant are likely to be less relevant. Brands have never been necessary for communicating their importance. 

Our survey found that 36 percent of consumers think that offering a brand is more important than advertising in a new ordinary life to be more attractive than unpleasant. Brand campaigns that ignore the pandemic and continue to do business, as usual, are seen as unfavorable by consumers – 24 percent find it unpleasant.

4. Listen and communicate the right way

Do you communicate with your audience and know what they feel and need? Tools for social listening and consumer attitudes can also help find out what they feel and say. These tools help measure customer opinions and attitudes and provide interesting information. If you know what your audience is saying and what’s important, reach out and connect with them via email, social, and TV ads. This is important as this is considered among the best and top advertising tips for brands.