You can change your mind for those who thought that burgundy or purple lipstick was the darkest of the makeup rainbow. Black has appeared little by little, but now it takes over mouths around the world. Despite being so popular, a lot of people are afraid to use the color on their lips. Want to know easy tips on how to invest in this wonderful product? We’ll tell you about the Black Lipstick trend.

It’s Normal To Be Afraid Of Daring With Black Lipstick

Many of us are not comfortable even with red lipstick, let alone taking that leap to black. One way to get used to the trend is to test it at home and stick with it for a while. It might sound weird, but it’s a way to get familiar with the color of lipstick on your face. And, if you decide to bet on the dark, use it first at parties, more special occasions, and then move on to everyday life.

But even being beautiful and wonderful, you have to be very careful when using the Black Lipstick trend, how to match the color with the right look and accessories, so it doesn’t end up looking like a Halloween costume. And to avoid that, this post will be full of tips on how to use black lipstick and rock the right looks and accessories.

How to Use Black Lipstick

The lipstick application part can make all the difference in your makeup! So, we have to be very careful and pay attention at this time.

How to Apply Black Lipstick?

The first step is to have your lips well hydrated to apply the lipstick. So, start by exfoliating your mouth with a toothbrush or a suitable mouth scrub. This will make your lips softer and more even. Then moisturize them with a classic lip balm, or cocoa lipstick, or coconut oil.

The second step is to make the entire outline of the mouth with an eyeliner pencil in black color. If you don’t have the black mouth liner, you can use eyeliner. Be careful not to exaggerate the shape of the mouth. This is part of the Black Lipstick trend.

The third step is to apply the lipstick on the inside of the lips with the help of a brush, filling all the gaps. As soon as you apply, smile and see if there are no flaws in those lips creases. Soon after, apply a second coat of lipstick so that it doesn’t fade or run. Ready!

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Don’t Weigh The Makeup On Your Face

If you are looking for a more natural look, despite the black lipstick, be careful with the foundation and preparation of the face. If you do a lot of heavy makeup, the look can get a little charged. Choose a lighter foundation and cover what you still need with concealer. As the Black Lipstick trend brings focus to the lips, the “less perfect” skin tends to go unnoticed.

Bet On The Illuminator To Contrast With Dark Lips

Black lipstick can bring sobriety to the look. If you want to get away from this effect, bet on light points to contrast with the dark. Apply the illuminator above the cheek, but also in the inner corner of the eye: this will open the eyes and lighten your makeup.

Choose Your Eye Makeup Well

It may sound like a lie, but black lipstick is very versatile. It looks beautiful if used alone and also rocks when paired with a smoky eye. When choosing your eyeshadows, think about what kind of look you want. If your idea is a more neutral and discreet look, bet on the old combination of eyes, nothing, and mouth everything.

Blush Is Your Best Friend

To keep your look fresh and light, go for blush. He’s the magic bullet that will transform your makeup. The best way to apply the product with any dark mouth is to apply a little before applying the lipstick and, if necessary, apply more afterward. That way, it will be balanced with the rest of the makeup.