Coral and peach are universal colors that flatter and illuminate all skin tones. The colors range from the lightest to the darkest and can be used all over the face. They warm the skin without weighing down the eyelid (unlike brown ones). They redesign the mouth without vulgarity and guarantee an immediate healthy glow when they are applied to the cheeks. Peach makeup is a perfect choice here.

What Orange Shade For My Skin Tone?

It is a mixture of orange, red, pink, and beige. The range extends from melon to nectarine through coral and tangerine without forgetting salmon close to orange-pink.

How to choose?

The darker the skin, the more sun-kissed the selected tone will be. So coral is the best friend of a slightly dull mixed skin, and pale faces swear by a very soft peach.

Super easy to wear, the fishing marries all spring looks. The great advantage is that a product can have multiple uses: lipstick to blush, a blush in eye shadow, etc.

Peach makeup is the big trend of this spring 2021. Soft and pastel shade, it can be worn as eye shadow as in blush or even as lipstick.

The complexion

Except for olive or dull skin that a light apricot loose powder will warm-up, we recommend using these tones in small touches so as not to appear to have fallen asleep in the tanning booth. The powder will be used by the other skins as a pre-layer of the blush to accentuate the luminosity. No Makeup look, very visible this season; apply a bit of highlighter on the zygomatic to sculpt and enhance the cheekbones.

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Matte, gloss, balm, or satin. All textures are suitable. Many have a slight preference for the mat, which is reminiscent of the velvety fruitiness.

The Blush

It is finally making its comeback on all catwalks and should dethronecontouring. Salmon, it raises the complexion more beautifully and elegantly than the pink doll.

On the Eyes

Peach makeup seduces for its soft side that goes with everything. The Too Faced brand has even made it its flagship shade with its “Sweet Peach” palette and is the source of its popularity. For daytime makeup, we focus on simplicity with a slightly shiny peach blush or more pastel, as desired. We do not hesitate to put it under the eye to emphasize the look. A swipe of mascara, and you’re done!

For the evening, we do not hesitate to bet on more frank makeup. Apply a peach shade to the mobile eyelid, then opt for an orange halo, even pull it under the eye to illuminate. For an even more intense look, apply million-lash effect mascara and a line of kohl.

On the Mouth: Just Like Kylie

With her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics is already famous for its liquid lipsticks. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is also putting the peach shade in the spotlight. This is the “Naughty Peach” that you need. With its matte finish and its shade between nude and peach, it’s impossible not to hit the mark.

To achieve an impeccable result with peach makeup, start by drawing the outline of the lips in pencil (the same color as the lipstick) and apply your lipstick with a brush to deposit it with maximum precision.

On the Cheeks

Peach can also be used in blush. The advantage? A light and very natural rendering but which nevertheless emphasizes the cheekbone. We adopt it with a very marked pin-up make-up or everyday makeup for a peachy complexion that will perfectly match the spring atmosphere.