For centuries, lovers have been trying to prove that love is above all. But people are not ready to accept this. Even today, many lovers die or part ways because of families who think of society but not of their children.

Have any parents given a thought about what their child is going through or why they are in depression? No!


Because for decades, we have been learning that nothing is bigger than society. But they don’t know that humanity is bigger than anything in this world. If you can’t think of your child, then it is sure that you don’t care about anything.

Have you ever thought about whether society will provide you food when you will be on the roads? No! They will be standing in front of you and making fun, that’s it!

Who will help you?

Of Course your children. So instead of thinking about society, think of your child, their love, and their life. It is a request to all the parents to support your children and help them to be with their love, not with someone whom they don’t love. 

Every parent must understand, love is greater than anything in this world and it can never die. Just that we bury it in our hearts or run or the last option is to die. Only you all can stop such things!

Apart from accepting technologies with changing times, change your mindset as well. Everything is evolving so is the mindset. Think of your family and child.

There is nothing called arranged marriage or love marriage. It must be marriage with lots of love. So, don’t force anyone to marry anyone and don’t break the hearts and lives of many people attached to them.

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