Bollywood celebrities Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif tied the knot on December 9. This high profile wedding took place at Six Senses Fort, Rajasthan. The fans of both the stars were keeping a close eye on the news related to this ceremony. 

According to media reports, the authority made very special arrangements for the security of ViKat Wedding. Guests received a special code to attend this wedding. Only by showing this code, the guests would be able to get entry in the marriage.

It all begun with funny story

For some time, many types of news were coming out about their marriage. It all started in a very humorous way. The story of Katrina and Vicky started with Karan’s chat show, a popular celebrity show. When Vicky Kaushal came as a guest on this show, Karan Johor told Vicky Kaushal that Katrina Kaif wants to work with him and he thinks that both will look good on screen. 

Love story kept hidden for a long time

It is true that they never wanted to make it public news until everything settled down. It was a long kept secret from Katrina and Vicky. However, he could not do this and now with their marriage, the love story has come to the fore, which both of them tried their best to hide. They did not even accept their relationship in public. In such a situation, very few people know how the love story of both started. 

Appeared together on many occasions

May be they tried deep to hide their love relationship, however, they could not hide their chemistry from us. Not only this, both have also appeared together in an interview, in which the fans were happy seeing both of them together. Apart from this, Katrina and Vicky have appeared together in events ranging from Diwali parties, which was enough to seal their love.

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Fans were eagerly waiting to see them as bride and groom. Now after their marriage, their fans are getting happy, as Katrina shared a video where she dances. Katrina and Vicky got married at the 700-year-old Six Senses Fort located. In the wedding of the couple, there were Rajasthan and Gujarati food for the guests. Wedding dishes also have 10 types of sweets. 

As if it was a James Bond contract

According to Bollywood Netizens, you could have compared Vicky and Katrina Marriage with a James Bond’s secret project. No prior news, tight security, no media attention, no media coverage, no prior interviews, no pre-wedding photo shoot, and an isolated wedding venue. Moreover, if you think it is over, wait, listen to this – guests had to sign a NDA. Guests could not publish any video or images of pre-during-post wedding. Live wedding on social media was prohibited. Guests were not allowed to carry any kind of camera smart phone or camera. 

Vicky and Katrina wanted to keep the identities of their guests hidden. They assured the guests that their identities would be confidential. The hotel management used codes instead of using names. Based on the codes provided, various services will be provided to the guests like room service, security etc.

In addition, guests should have no contact with the outside world until they leave the venue. Vicky and Katrina hired a professional event management company to keep the wedding safe, secure, and confidential. 

Under this, special suites had been booked for the bride and groom in the hotel. While Vicky stayed in the Raja Mansingh Suite, Katrina stayed in the Rani Padmavati Suite, both of which are the most expensive suites in the hotel. Both suites have private swimming pools, while the windows offer a panoramic view of the hills.