Rumors about the Google Pixel Watch have been circulating for some time now. In October, speculation suggested that Google may unveil the much-anticipated wearable with the Google Pixel 6 smartphone. Sources claim that Google is now working on its first in-house wristwatch, unveiling it in 2022. With a moniker like “Rohan,” Google’s Pixel hardware team is said by some to be working on a new smartwatch. According to sources, Google’s first wristwatch is slated to incorporate the latest version of its wearable software. To compete with the Apple Watch, Google may be developing its own wearable gadget.

Google in Wearable Hardware Technology

For the first time, Google plans to enter the wearable hardware industry. That they do with the launch of its first wristwatch next year. A smartwatch is not something Google plans to manufacture in the future.

WearOS, Google’s operating system for smartwatches. It has developed alongside Samsung, and other firms are Google’s lone product development effort. It is expected that Google’s first wristwatch, codenamed “Rohan,” will be released in the first half of 2013. According to the source, the watch would be round in design with no side bezels.

In April, Jon Prosser, a YouTube celebrity, provided images of what the claimed watch would look like. Prosser had previously said that the watch would be ready as early as October. But this has not yet happened.

“Pixel Watch” branding would be consistent with Google’s product range. But the media claims that the firm has yet to decide on a final moniker. “Pixel Watch,” like Apple Watch, will let users monitor their health and fitness. It is true, although it’s not obvious to what extent this will be achieved.

A year after it was unveiled at an event in September 2015, the Apple Watch has continued to grow. According to the business, the “Pixel Watch” is unlikely to feature any advanced sensors in its first release, such as ECG or blood oxygen sensors.

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Google Pixel Watch 2022?

Sources also claim that Google is working on a wristwatch that it plans to deliver in 2022. Inside the company, the “Pixel watch” or the “Android watch” is known as the “watch.” In contrast to Apple’s Watch, Google’s next wristband is said to sport a spherical design with no physical bezel. It was an effort to speed up the product’s development. Google has reportedly asked employees outside of the smartwatch team for feedback. Additionally, according to the report, a feedback session was held in November of this year. Based on the feedback from employees who have tested the device, the release dates may be different.

It is said that the Google Pixel Watch can monitor health and fitness metrics. Heart rate sensors and basic health monitoring capabilities like step counting are expected to be included when it debuts. On a single charge, the current model of the device only lasts a few hours. Wearable devices are expected to use Google’s own watchbands.

It’s possible that the watch might be released as early as spring 2022. This is not the same as the Verge reporting that the Pixel Watch would cost more than Fitbit’s offerings. The source claims that the Google wearable will compete more directly with the Apple Watch than the present device does. In terms of wearable technology, the Google Pixel Watch will be the company’s first entry. As the first step in Google’s foray into wearable technology, the corporation has purchased the Fitbit brand. Reports claim that Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch will not include the Fitbit branding. IDC estimates that Apple Watch has a sizable share of the global smartwatch market right now. According to market share, Huawei, Amazfit, and Xiaomi are all in the top five.