Often presented as a “second home vehicle,” reserved for everyday journeys, the electric car is nevertheless capable of much more. The experts are used to testing models beyond the vocation that has sometimes been assigned to them. From city cars to luxury sedans to SUVs, they have tried eight of the most popular electric cars on long highway trips. Here is our comparison so that you can find the best electric car.

The long-distance tests are also an opportunity to assess motorway charging networks. You may have noticed it by reading our tests or by using them. They are not always efficient or well distributed, and their prices are sometimes high and far-fetched. 

Best Electric Cars For Your Occasion

Several electric cars have passed the long-distance highway trip test since 2010-2021. They were tested on different routes, unevenly equipped with charging stations, in freezing and scorching weather. Here is a summary of their performance, sometimes affected by failures in charging infrastructure. Experts have estimated the total autonomy for each vehicle at 130 km / h on a little hilly motorway in “normal” weather conditions and a classic driving mode. Here is the time to choose the best electric car in this case.

Renault Zoe

All generations of the Renault Zoé have passed the test. The first, equipped with a small 22 kWh battery, made a round trip between Marseille and Paris in 2013. It was impossible to make the trip via the motorway at the time; there were no charging stations in the service areas. It took us two days to complete the 800 km through national roads, recharging exclusively in Renault dealerships. This is the best electric car you can have for long-distance tours.

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Renault Zoe 41 kWh

In the fall of 2017, the “41 kWh” version of the Renault Zoé was in turn tested between Paris and Marseille. With doubled autonomy, the city car can finally make the entire trip on the motorway. Equipped with the Continental Q90 engine, it was able to charge up to 43 kW in alternating current (AC), good power at the time.

New Renault Zoe

Two years later, in November 2019, we experienced the new Renault Zoé on a slightly shorter journey. The renewed city car is tested between Paris and Bordeaux to assess its new functions: DC fast charging and a battery rising to 52 kWh of capacity. If you are thinking about an affordable electric car, then this is the best option.

The BMW i3 120 Ah

Equipped with a new larger capacity battery, the BMW i3 120 Ah can now be considered for long journeys without emissions. We tested it on a 245 km round trip between Paris and Rouen via the motorway. The city car was particularly lively and comfortable in use. However, it caught on with high average consumption at 130 km / h: more than 21.6 kWh / 100 km. At the end of its career, the vehicle did not exceed 39 kW of average power during the single stop-recharge.

Hyundai and Kia SUVs

The Hyundai Kona, Kia e-Niro, and Kia e-Soul are all different but share one thing in common: they carry the same electrical technology from their parent company: the Hyundai group. One of the best performances among the current electric car offer, made possible by a successful technical configuration. The Kona is, in fact, fitted with a particularly economical permanent magnet synchronous electric motor. 

Our Ideal for Electric Cars

In addition to the terminals, electric cars can also embed technologies to make these long journeys faster, easier, and more comfortable. For logical reasons of reducing costs and therefore the final price of the vehicle, some manufacturers choose not to take them on board. So choose the best electric car from the list now.